LEAs role in P/CVE

December 17, 2021

Strategy of Bosnia and Herzegozina for Preventing and Combating Terrorism

is important to emphasise that the Strategy is adopted at the time of intensifying security challenges on a global scale, including, among other, foreign terrorist fighters, violent extremism and crime and hate speech, abuse of the Internet for terrorist purpose.
December 15, 2021

Preventing Radicalisation to Terrorism and Violent Extremism: Approaches and Practices

In recent years, the processes of radicalisation leading to violent extremism have greatly evolved. The variety of ideologies that provide inspiration for extremist groups is growing and include religious inspired extremism, left wing, anarchist and right wing ideologies as well as nationalist and separatist ideologies. Extremists are also no longer acting only as part of organised, hierarchical organisations but also within smaller cells and sometimes as lone wolves.
December 14, 2021

National Hubs Supporting Local Actors in P/CVE

Setting the course from a local perspective this paper will aim at identifying different models of how nationallevel actors can support local actors in their P/CVE efforts. Based on an exploration of practical work and existing cases, this paper will provide an overview of different good practices, models and/or approaches of national hubs supporting local P/CVE actors in Europe. In doing so, the paper will give a structured compilation of the different needs, lessons learned and experiences from existing models of national support hubs.
December 7, 2021

Inclusiveness in Kosovo’s Security Sector

This paper provides an overview of the current level of inclusion of non-majority communities in Kosovo Police and the Kosovo Security Forces.
December 7, 2021

Stakeholders of (De-)Radicalisation in Slovenia

This report presents a brief overview of (de-)radicalisation events, stakeholders and agents in Slovenia.