Creating a European Learning Hub on Radicalisation

The HOPE project – “Holistic Radicalisation Prevention Initiative” – is developing a network for continuous training and knowledge sharing in the Balkan, Southern and Eastern European countries.

HOPE aims to improve the transition from prison or probation to the community for those at risk of radicalisation or who have already been radicalised.

Project network

▪ Prison and probation services
▪ Community organisations
▪ Criminal Justice training providers
▪ Research centres

The HOPE project is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation.

Partners and countries
Practitioners reached

HOPE is implemented by multiple European research organisations, academics, prison and probation services and NGOs. The project is being implemented in Portugal, Spain Norway, Slovenia, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Romania.

The project is expected to engage more than 200 participants, from prison and probation staff, community organisations’ staff, policy and decision-makers, academics, and researchers to local, regional, governmental actors. 


What is being done in your country to prevent radicalisation?

Please respond to the HOPE European Survey to let us know your opinion about radicalisation prevention strategies in your country. 

Eligible respondents include prison and probation staff, law enforcement agents, judicial staff (judges and prosecutors), governmental officials in the field of Justice, researchers in Criminal Justice and/or P/CVE.

This survey is anonymous and is available in 8 languages: Bulgarian, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Serbian, Slovenian and Spanish. 

Promoting discussions on radicalisation
and violent extremism

Get to know the expected results

Visit the resources page to get an overview of the project’s expected results. We will showcase the intellectual outputs throughout the project implementation and make them available for public access and download.

Download materials and documents

Applicable documentation includes state of the art analysis on violent extremism and radicalisation in the prison and probation settings, international legal instruments, recommendations and conventions, guidelines, reports and articles.

Get in touch with the HOPE project team

Please drop us a message if you would like to:
▪ Contribute to the HOPE project;
▪ Know more about what we are doing;
▪ Talk to a partner organisation;
▪ Participate as part of the HOPE network.


Creating innovative training solutions

One of the main goals of the project network is to develop a b-Learning training programme targeting prison, probation and community organisations’ staff.

The training will contribute to improving the skills of judicial, prison, and probation staff on how to identify and prevent the phenomena of radicalisation and violent extremism that can lead to terrorism. It will also train professionals in risk and vulnerability assessment and in developing exit strategies specifically tailored to the contextual factors of the Balkan, Southern and Eastern Europe region.

The online course will be the result of concerted transnational cooperation between the academia, the private sector, research organisations, correctional sector representatives (including prison and probation administrations), judicial professionals and other practitioners.

The training programme will be piloted in Slovenia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania.
February 4th, 2022
June 29, 2023

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The newsroom is where you can find recent updates about the HOPE project. We use it to:

▪ Describe any work we’re doing or thinking about;
▪ Outline new practice or theory in a particular area;
▪ Share new ideas and stories;
▪ Highlight specific knowledge and findings;
▪ Announce project meetings and agendas.

Several project events are to be held worldwide to engage relevant international stakeholders. Visit this section to find out details about: 

▪ International conferences;
▪ Transnational thematic workshops;
▪ High-level seminars;
▪ Transnational policy forums;
▪ National dissemination workshops.

The materials of the events carried out during the project’s lifespan will be added to our media gallery.

Find out videos, photos, or even captures from our project meetings and online activities. Even though we are prepared to report all the virtual events, we are looking forward to updating this gallery with pictures of in-person events.

The project “HOPE – HOlistic radicalisation Prevention initiativE” is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation.

Implemented by:


IPS Innovative Prison Systems, Portugal


EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway

Partner organisations

University College of the Norwegian Correctional Service, Norway

Euro-Arab Foundation for Higher Studies, Spain

Agenfor International, Italy

Bulgarian Association for Policy Evaluation, Bulgaria

Slovenian Probation Administration (Ministry of Justice), Slovenia

General Directorate “Execution of Sentences”, Bulgaria

Bucharest Jilava Penitentiary, Romania

Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, Serbia

The project “HOPE – HOlistic radicalisation Prevention initiativE” is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation.