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September 28, 2021
HOPE project Radicalisation prevention hub news

HOPE project committed to building a European learning hub on radicalisation

The HOPE project is creating a network around the phenomenon of radicalisation and violent extremism. This network will support continuous training and knowledge sharing in the Balkans, Southern and Eastern European countries.
July 6, 2021
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HOPE State of the Art Analysis: an essential report on the complex phenomenon of Radicalisation

Radicalisation and violent extremism were extensively contextualised as part of the HOPE project development, resulting in the State of the Art Analysis, a report that is underway in the scope of the project’s Output 1. The most important highlights of this report were published by the HOPE project consortium.
May 14, 2021

HOPE project featured in the first edition of the Regional Cooperation Magazine

Launched in April of 2021, the first edition of the Regional Cooperation Magazine features the relevance of the European strategic partnership enabling the HOPE project — currently being implemented in the ‘Justice and Home Affairs’ priority sector of the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation. The online publication highlights HOPE’s primary objective of creating a European learning hub to support radicalisation prevention.

Upcoming events

Mid-Term International Conference

To be held in Sofia (Bulgaria) with 33 participants (at least) between October-December 2021, aiming to disseminate the project’s products, goals, and objectives, as well as to engage relevant international stakeholders’ (prison/probation staff, community organisations’ staff, policy/decision makers, academics/researchers, local/regional/governmental actors) in other project events (e.g., Transnational Thematic Workshops, High-Level Seminars, Transnational Policy Forum).

Transnational thematic workshops

There will be 8 transnational thematic online workshops targeting the Balkan countries involved in the project consortium, namely Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria and Slovenia.

These workshops will explore a topic to be determined in the project’s field, exploring theoretical and practical content, being the materialisation of HOPE’s network that supports continuous training, sharing of information and experience on the topic of P/CVE within the Balkan area – The Balkan, Southern and Eastern European learning hub on Radicalisation.

Stay tunned for details on the HOPE project transnational thematic workshops that will take place in the last trimester of 2021 and until April 2022.

National dissemination workshops

The national dissemination workshops will play a central role in achieving high visibility for the HOPE project outcomes. 

They will take place in all partner countries and aim to involve relevant stakeholders, namely policy and decision makers, prison and probation staff, community organisations’ staff, judicial staff training providers, academics/researchers, governmental actors, and practitioners from relevant civil society organisations and non-governmental agencies.

Stay tunned for the national dissemination workshops that will occur in the end of 2022 and beginning of 2023.

Final public International Conference

The project’s closing event will take place in Lisbon (Portugal) with at least 48 participants and aims to disseminate HOPE’s final products and results amongst various relevant international stakeholders (prison/probation staff, community organisations’ staff, policy/decision-makers, academics/researchers, local/regional/governmental actors).

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The project “HOPE – HOlistic radicalisation Prevention initiativE” is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation.