December 17, 2021

Radicalisation in The Digital Era

This paper presents the results from exploratory primary research into the role of the internet in the radicalisation of 15 terrorists and extremists in the UK.
December 16, 2021

Radicalisation, De-Radicalisation, Counter-Radicalisation: A Conceptual Discussion

Based on an in-depth literature review, this paper seeks to explore key terms and the discourses surrounding them in greater detail.
December 15, 2021

Social Identity Theory for Investigating Islamic Extremism in the Diaspora

This paper attempts to contribute to the discussion on the role of identity in radicalization by using social identity theory. In doing so, the article explores the formation and transformation process of social identities, and argues that the nature of communitylevel groups and networks may contribute to identity ‘readiness’ for radicalization
December 13, 2021

Animal Rights Extremism in the United Kingdom

Political violence undertaken in the name of animal rights has been ongoing for some 35 years in the United Kingdom and yet such activity is commonly termed extremism, not terrorism. Existing counterterrorism measures have not been utilized by the state against individuals and groups engaged in such violence. This article explores the criminal justice response to the various types of political violence, which have been claimed by groups like the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), the Animal Rights Militia, the Justice Department, and the Provisional ALF. Moreover, the article argues that terrorist laws do not have to be used to effectively tackle single-issue terrorism such as animal rights extremism where activists employ tactics more commonly associated with a terrorist campaign.
December 7, 2021

Right-wing Extremism in Serbia

There are strong movements at the far right of the political spectrum that strive to bring Serbs back to their alleged roots .
December 7, 2021

Animal Rights Extremism

UK Ministry of Justice data and documents and police records are used to examine the crimes committed by SHAC (Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty) activists against Huntington Life Sciences, a company using animals for research.
December 7, 2021

Pathways to Violent Extremism in the Digital Era

The core argument of this study is that governments and the academic community have focused on the content (of the Internet and radicalisation), rather than a person’s individual experience online. This needs to change.