December 16, 2021

Radicalization in Prisons? Field Research in 25 Spanish Prisons

This article has two principal objectives: (1) to study the behavioral dimensions of Muslim prisoners which predict their Islamist radicalism and (2) to study whether the behavior manifested by them is higher in prisons with a greater concentration of Muslims and a higher presence of prisoners convicted for Islamist terrorism than in prisons with fewer Muslims and no convicted Islamist terrorists.
December 14, 2021

Risk Assessment Decisions for Violent Political Extremism

The major goals of the project were to identify and compare the specific characteristics and factors of those who perpetrate “general” criminal violence and those who perpetrate ideologically motivated violence.
December 13, 2021

The Distinction Between Activism and Radicalism

In this paper we review and extend measures of political mobilization: the increasing extremity of beliefs, feelings, and behaviors in support of inter-group conflict. Building on previous research, we introduce the Activism and Radicalism Intention Scales (ARIS).
December 13, 2021

An Integrated Approach To The Assessment And Management Of Aggression/Violence in Mental Health

he aim of this paper is to critically discuss risk assessment practices in order to propose a systematic approach to the effective assessment and management of aggression and violence in mental health settings.
December 9, 2021

Animal Rights Extremism and the Terrorism Question

Animal rights extremism is a complex phenomenon. Extremists have varying intentions and the range of violence they employ also varies considerably. A thorough grasp of extremists’ intentions and targets is required for informed analysis of the ethics of the phenomenon and to answer the terrorism question.
December 7, 2021

Social Network and sentiment annalysis to explore online radicalisation

In this paper we presented an analysis of online social network content in the context of jihadi radicalisation
December 7, 2021

The danger of prison radicalisation in the west

Prison radicalization does not mean that terrorist plots are being routinely hatched in prison . More often, however, it leads to inmates adopting Islamist ideologies that may ultimately lead to terrorism after their release.