Risk assessment

December 17, 2021

Approaches to Violent Extremist Offenders and Countering Radicalisation

The paper is structured around these two contexts. While in practice this distinction may not exist in some EU Member States, it serves to identify key issues: prison conditions and reintegration strategies, risk assessment, prison regime choices, rehabilitation and reintegration initiatives, and staff training.
December 17, 2021

Rehabilitation Manual

This manual offers guidance to first line practitioners regarding the rehabilitation of radicalised and terrorist offenders inside as well as outside of prison.
December 16, 2021

Terrorism, Radicalisation, Extremism, Authoritarianism and Fundamentalism – A Systematic Review

The present study is a systematic review that explores the methodological quality reporting and the psychometric soundness of the instruments developed to identify risk factors of terrorism, extremism, radicalisation, authoritarianism and fundamentalism.
December 16, 2021

Risk Assessment and the Prevention of Radicalization from Nonviolence Into Terrorism

This article considers the challenges associated with completing risk assessments in countering violent extremism.
December 16, 2021

The Application of Risk Assessment Tools in the Criminal Justice and Rehabilitation Process

This literature review begins by providing an overview of the history of risk assessment as a science and introduces key terms and theories.
December 15, 2021

Understanding The Mental Health Disorders Pathway Leading to Violent Extremism

This paper identifies risk factors that make these people vulnerable to violent extremism, as well as ways that professionals can assess protective factors which may contribute to safeguarding them.
December 14, 2021

Risk Assessment Decisions for Violent Political Extremism

The major goals of the project were to identify and compare the specific characteristics and factors of those who perpetrate “general” criminal violence and those who perpetrate ideologically motivated violence.
December 13, 2021

Managing Terrorist and Extremist Offenders in the Community

This Probation Instruction aims to ensure that those offenders who have committed offences of terrorism, included in Schedule 15, or terrorism related offences or whose offences are linked to other forms of extremism, or who are vulnerable to engagement in forms of extremism are correctly identified, assessed and managed within offender management and, where appropriate, under MAPPA.
December 13, 2021

The Individual Risk Assessment of Terrorism

I attempt to identify the central conceptual and methodological challenges that must be overcome if the risk assessment of terrorism is to make the same progress that in recent years has distinguished the risk assessment of other forms of violence.
December 13, 2021

The Operational Development and Empirical Testing of TRAP–18

The TRAP– 18 is further discussed as a threat assessment instrument for mental health clinicians. The limitations of the current research provide direction for further studies to assess its reliability and construct, discriminant, and predictive validity.
December 13, 2021

The Clinical Threat Assessment of the Lone -Actor Terrorist

In this article we have studied the behaviors and mindset of a loneactor terrorist, Malik Hasan (who happened to also be a mental health professional and a psychiatrist) through the lens of TRAP-18.
December 13, 2021

Violent Extremism: A Comparasion of Approaches to Assessing and Managing Risk

The objective of the present paper is to identify good practice in the risk field in general and to apply that to the specific area of risk in relation to violent extremism – in order that developments here accord to highest standards of practice achieved so far elsewhere.
December 13, 2021

The Development of Structured Guidelines for Assessing Risk in Extremist Offenders

This paper describes how the methodology was developed to be clinically sensitive, empirically grounded and ethically defensible.
December 13, 2021

Use of Structured Professional Judgment by Probation Officers to Assess Risk for Recidivism in Adolescent Offenders

The current study tested a method of risk assessment for adolescent offenders that relies on structured professional judgment: the Structured Assessment of Violence Risk for Youth (SAVRY; Borum, Bartel, & Forth, 2006).
December 13, 2021

An Integrated Approach To The Assessment And Management Of Aggression/Violence in Mental Health

he aim of this paper is to critically discuss risk assessment practices in order to propose a systematic approach to the effective assessment and management of aggression and violence in mental health settings.
December 13, 2021

Measuring radicalisation: Practices in England and Wales

The article hence offers both a conceptual clarification of the ideas of ‘radicalisation’ underpinning counterterrorism policies in England and Wales, and reflections on the operational utility of the present use of the ERG and VAF indicators
December 10, 2021

Development of the RADAR-iTE instruction card for operational and educational purposes

The objective of the thesis was to develop an instruction card for operational and educational purposes. The instruction card is meant for people who are using the risk assessment tool for the first time or are having their first case and need reminding and concentration of using RADAR-iTE assessment tool. As the instruction card was prepared, practice research was conducted to collect information of the RADAR-iTE before prototyping of the instruction card.
December 10, 2021

A comparison of two structured professional judgment tools for violent extremism : VERA and ERG 22+

Although the two tools are intrinsically comparable, ERG seems overall better suited to the French context. This exploratory conclusion ought to be confirmed with field comparisons.
December 9, 2021

Formulation of Violence Risk Using Evidence-Based Assessments

Our goal in writing this chapter is to help stimulate discussion and improve practice with respect to the formulation of violence risk assessment.
December 7, 2021

The European Agenda On Security

To meet this objective, this European Agenda on Security sets out how the Union can bring added value to support the Member States in ensuring security.
December 7, 2021

A Counter Terrorism Agenda for the EU

This new Counter-Terrorism Agenda, announced in the EU’s Security Union Strategy, brings together existing and new strands of work in a joined-up approach to combatting terrorism.
December 7, 2021

Risk Assessment in Prisons

This paper provides a picture of risk assessment tools used in EU Member States in the prison and security contexts. It focuses on existing instruments, their content and how they are used at the moment.