Radicalisation Protective Factors

December 16, 2021

Protective and Promotive Factors Building Resilience Against Violent Radicalisation

To this end, the paper: (1) specifies which risk factors can be mitigated by which protective factors; (2) explains the importance of promotive factors in mitigating risk; (3) explains the importance of promotive factors in enhancing well-being and strengthening individual and societal resilience; (4) presents a kaleidoscopic overview, including implications for policies and practices
December 15, 2021

Understanding The Mental Health Disorders Pathway Leading to Violent Extremism

This paper identifies risk factors that make these people vulnerable to violent extremism, as well as ways that professionals can assess protective factors which may contribute to safeguarding them.
December 14, 2021

Violent Extremism in Kosova: What Community resilience Can Teach Us?

Challenges such as corruption, organized crime, poor education and health systems, lack of rule of law and poor governance have created an environment of hopelessness for better life in the country and have increased the level of the community’s vulnerability to extremism and radicalism in the country.
December 14, 2021

Kosovo’ s Response to Returnee from the WarZones

This report seeks to address a gap in the existing literature pertaining to the approaches of Kosovo in supporting rehabilitation/deradicalization as well as reintegration of the returnees. By focusing on institutional and policy infrastructure, this report sheds light into the relevance of having a holistic (government + non-government +community), coherent and coordinated response to meet the needs of the returnees and effectively address the challenges for their social and economic reintegration, as well as ideological disengagement.
December 14, 2021

Returning to Extremism

The goal of this paper is to review and integrate the currently existing literature with practitioners’ experiences on the topic of terrorist reengagement in the European context.
December 7, 2021

Contemporary Violent Left-wing and Anarchist Extremism in the EU

Contemporary violent left-wing extremism is complex, difficult to explain and even more problematic to address. The complexity of the phenomenon starts with its definition, as happens for many other forms of extremism. The classification of violent manifestations in the left-wing extremist scene in the EU is highly controversial both in political circles and academic communities.
December 7, 2021

Increasing self-esteem and Empathy to Prevent Violent Radicalization

These results suggest that an intervention aimed at empowering individuals in combination with strengthening empathy is successful in countering violent radicalization.