Soft Measures

December 16, 2021

Community Perspectives on the Prevention of Violent Extremism in Macedonia

Using the data collected during the fieldwork exercise, the report aims to determine what makes each aforementioned municipality more or less affected by violent radicalisation.
December 13, 2021

Citizens Perception and Community Response on Returned Foreign Fighters

According to the Strategy, reintegration of potentially radicalized persons or at the stage of radicalization should be an inclusive and specific process. Further, the Malta Principles for Reintegrating Returning Foreign Terrorist Fighters highlights that effective assessments should be done, in order to design programs with individuals in mind whether they serve FTFs returnees, their families or vulnerable individuals.
December 9, 2021

Countering Jihadi Radicals and Foreign Fighters in the United States and France

These findings have important implications for policymakers. Understanding what responses have been formulated, and also why, can facilitate international cooperation and provide useful insights on the characteristics, strengths, as well as limits of U.S. and French approaches to Jihadi radicals and foreign fighters.