Northern Macedonia

December 7, 2021

Responding to Violent Extremism in the Western Balkans

This report examines the drivers and mechanisms of Islamist and far-right radicalization and recruitment in the Western Balkans — specifically in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, and Serbia.
December 7, 2021

Understanding Corruption, State Capture, Radicalization, Pacification, Resilience, and Emigration in Bosnia and Herzegovina and North Macedonia

This initiative was inspired by a simple question: can the ideas presented in Sarah Chayes’ book Thieves of State: Why Corruption Threatens Global Security, help in understanding the social, political, and economic dynamics of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and North Macedonia in 2020.
December 7, 2021

North Macedonia: In Brief

The United States has been a steadfast supporter of North Macedonia since its independence from Yugoslavia in 1991 and strongly backs its European Union (EU) and NATO membershipambitions.
December 7, 2021

Threat from Returning Foreign Fighters in the Western Balkans

This report looks at key trends and developments related to the return of FFTs from the six Western Balkans jurisdictions and the capacity and possibilities for their disengagement, de-radicalization, rehabilitation, and reintegration.
December 2, 2021

North Macedonia’s Drivers to Violent Extremism

This article nalyses the drivers to violent extremism in North Macedonia and the rates of regional FTFs.